Monday, March 05, 2007

Fusing Fabrics

I'm not sure where the days have gone since my last post save that on Saturday I was at a workshop in Warrington based on Margaret Beale's book Fusing Fabrics. In essence you get to bond/ mark/ burn synthetic sheer fabrics with a soldering iron. To a pyromaniac like me this requires a lot of self-control to get a design rather than wonderful flames.

(Actually I can tell you - by accident - that if you apply too much pressure for too long you don't get flames but a melted blob of fabric and acrid smoke. This is why furntiture needs to be upholstered in stuff that wouldn't work for this technique.)

Simply by cutting the shapes from fabric with the iron on glass then bonding then togther with a tiny dab of the iron you can make 3d flower and all kinds. Stitching can then be added to make the most amazing pieces of art that I still only aspire to. I am definately getting the book to learn more but the above pictures are some I made earlier.... I went for bookmarks because I had to make four for a swap I was in. The two below are in fact paper as I didn't want to give away all my fused ones!

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Diana said...

The bookmarks are lovely!