Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Future plans

Purple Missus commented on my last post asking why I didn't just do the writing and quilting full time and make the the rest a hobby. Well....

(a) I spent today ( and will spend tomorrow) embroiled in a divorce case with 5 family members and a friend involved, one of whom may not be competant to make her own decisions, one has been disciplined in their own profession for what I shall simply call dodgy dealings and appears not to have learned their lesson. An expensive property has been disposed of for a tiny sum, there are dubious financial transactions all over the place and when at 4pm we were finally able to tell the Judge that it was all agreed one person decided that actually he didn't agree after all and so we start again tomorrow. I love it!!

No really. I wouldn't want not to be doing any law.

(b) Law pays for the stash. I doubt that my earnings quilt teaching would get me anywhere near what I earn now. And before anyone tells me that there is more to life than momey yes I know but
(1) see (a) above and
(2) I do work less now so that I can quilt at least some of the time and
(3) Money might not necessarily bring happiness but I do suspect that poverty brings misery!

However, this is not to say never.
It is in the back of my mind nearer retirement (and that's a long way off- i'm only 36!) if I keep stuffing my pension I may be able then to move through law to somthing more quilt related perhaps on a 50-50 basis and then through 100% quilting as a business to full retirement.

And I have also thought about just teaching the odd evening or weekend class for fun well before then - one reason I want to get the City and Guilds qualifications that I have embarked on.

I've even had mad moments about putting money into a quilt shop and employing someone to work in it most of the time.... which was why I smiled when Pam on her second lesson said ' You could open a shop..." Little did she know she was the employee I had in mind..... we will see ... oooh look, flying pigs!

Finally I will now be away a few days (part work part quilting trip) so no blog until at least Sunday unless I find a free Internet spot. See you then.


Tina said...

Like my dad used to say: 'money won't make you happy, but you may as well be miserable in comfort' !

winithupoo said...

Boy, I can SO relate! Money might not buy happiness, but it does buy freedom. The freedom to choose whether to buy food, fabric, or both. At least you work in an entertaining field, rather than the boredom that I face everyday. I work for all the extras that make me happy (including fabric and children's educations!) We must do what we must do....

Susan D said...

I totally agree with the last 2 comments. I think it was Michael Caine who said 'he's been poor and he's been rich and he knows which he prefers'. Money may not make you happy but you can sure have a nice time trying.