Friday, March 09, 2007

Back home

I see my blog was hijacked while I was away - and in a very well written way too. I will have to watch my back or my readers will be defecting. But Helen's comment is right - he is a sweetie. And the house is indeed all sparkly and pin free ( in part because the cleaner also came this morning so it was a team effort - he tends to tidy up before she arrives whereas I pay her extra hours when my mess is especially bad. ) But, I have been in all of ten minutes and already there is fabric draped over the armchair.. there was a fabric swap package waiting for me and a good one at that.

Annie Smith's podcast had a while back an eposide dealing with 'You know you are a diehard quilter when....' This sprung to mind on this trip to London. First of all I was frantically packing (or trying to, because I seemed to have lost half my work shirts and the other half were unironed) when I found, right in the middle of the back of the one clean, ironed, and as it happend rather expensive shirt..... one hole. An undarnable, undisguisable hole. Did I cry? Did I scream? No I examined the care label and said, "Oh at least its 100% cotton. I can always quilt with it."

Then, when in Marks and Spencers in Oxford Street shopping for replacement shirts, I spotted , at twenty paces, an absolutely perfect fabric and was well on the way across the store to the rack where it hung before I realised. Indeed it was perfect fabric.... for the African style quilt I am making. Even when I realised I briefly considered buying it for that purpose but it was crinkled synthetic and I am not a complete masochist so I didn't!

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Flibbertygibbet said...

So Dennis - guest author or hijacker, lol!
So what did you get in your swap package, dying to see...