Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick post then off

Very quick post then I am off to Birmingham to try and avoid the worse of the M6 rush hour.I am teaching there for a couple of days. It's that time of year where my blog starts to get erratic as I dash about , wheeled and overpacked suitcase in tow

First, to answer Flibbertygibbet's question about what I got in the first package to arrive in her swap.... all this, in a cardboard box. The long narrow thing at top right is a magnetic notepad. There are several ginger teabags which I love and even the tissue paper is reusable and very colourful. There was a very interesting letter as well.

Got time to work on the African ladies blocks on Sunday pm but got distracted - the sample block ended up in the bag below! The ladies did get done although I realised belatedly that on one block I had used the reverse side of the centre block material in error. I emailed my collaboration partner Lesley to confess and she had done the same thing.. I guess this partnership is meant to be!

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