Monday, March 26, 2007

African ladies and more

The African quilt progresses....

It was worked on with Lesley at Morceau, the quilting school I go to once a month in Penrith. Two design walls, the beginnings of two twin quilts

The day was spent starting to make extra connector blocks, removing blocks that seemed a good idea but didn't work so well, and auditioning extra fabric needed for that all important 'zing factor'. I don't normally pose with my blocks but it seems that there is the possiblity of an article on the process of these quilts so we are pre-illustrating as we go along!

This is my co-maker Lesley.

The common verdict for that zing fabrics was a touch of black, which was the best of all options, but I wasn't ever really convinced. Then I came home and remembered this genuine african fabric in the stash from Maggie Relph's online shop. Perfect. And what good justification for the existence of a stash!

I have decided on an irregular setting with a partial plain black inner border ( well, I can't ignore all the advice!). I need fabric for an outer border which is the perfect excuse to do some shopping at the show at Trentham Gardens on Saturday. This is it so far. You have no idea how many times I have rearranged the blocks to make them look casually placed!

And this is my dining room. I always mean to be neat and tidy as I work......

I also picked up my maple leaf quit from the long arm quilter.It looks great hanging here temporarily at the workshop room at Morceau ( she says modestly) and this maple syrup pantograph was perfect for it. The next big one I have ready I am going to learn how to longarm quilt myself.


Diana said...

Ah yes, that "casual" placement which calls for such careful planning! LOL! Your African ladies are looking really good. I, too, like the black with it, and you African fabric will be a great addition.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

The chaotic mess is wittness to your hard work to find just the right element(s) to make this wonderful quilt work.

Helen Conway said...

Nellie is very kind but I think the chaotic mess is just witness to a chaotically messy person!