Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dennis Takes Revenge

"Do you think I need to take some quilting stuff? Do you think I should add some more clothes? What if it's cold? What happens if...?" So it continued until I finally packed Helen and her bags off for her (work) trip to London.

At last: the house to myself. A night of partying with friends? An evening drinking? Sport on TV? No, out came the Dyson and the cleaning began in every room. Threads removed from carpet, chairs, cushions, books(!?), pieces of fabric (my definition of "scraps" is different from Helen's.) from below the sofa, beads from underneath cushions and paint wiped from the kitchen work-top. Almost done; just one more thing. Shoes and socks off; walk across carpet in bare feet-only three needles/pins found this time. Not too painful!

Finished at last; a tidy house- no more quilting for three whole days. Peace reigns. Husband surveys the result of his handiwork......and guess what? I miss her already!


Helen said...

You are a sweetie Dennis!

Jane Ann said...

Umm ... do you have a brother???