Monday, February 01, 2010

Silk in Hong Kong

Well, we have been home for a new days now. Its a bit strange - I went to the hairdressers I think the travel blog actually stopped in Hong Kong so I am going to have to go backwards for you - but I will miss out the day when I got food poisoning. Lets just tell you the funny bit. I was on the way to collect my hand engraved chinese chop ( traditional seal) with my name in chinese (I thought it would be a useful tool for fabric embellishment) when suddenly as we got to Chop Alley uh,oh.....I threw my bag and camera case at Dennis, told him to get my seal and ran for the drainage grate. ( Note the order of priority). A couple of minutes later Dennis arrived, shop in hand to watch what was not a pretty sight. A nice chinese lady gave me water to clean myself up with and as I am standing there gasping and moaning and shaking and feeling sorry for myself, Dennis says, "I didn't get a photo of the for the blog, is that OK?"

Well , lets check - are you feeling deprived for lack of illustration?

No. Thought not. Sufffice it to say I did not make it to Happy Valley races that night. It was a bad twelve hours but I was sustained by the memory of my visit to Angus International. I was put on to this place by blog reader Di Thompson but for some reason even when she told me to go to the 18th floor of a block of flats at 8 Soares Avenue in Kowloon, I was still expecting a shop or some kind or at least business premises.

Nope. I ended up in the flat of a very pleasant man, Angus Hardern, who keeps bolts of silk in his spare room and baskets of remnants under his dining room table. And sells them for give away prices. He also does very good mail order prices.


June Calender said...

You're home? And we've missed all kinds of adventures? Waiting for more pictures and more info -- it's been a terrific vicarious trip. Thanks a whole bunch - and hope to see a photo of the mountain of fabric you brought home in your suitcase.

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about your food poisoning. How awful. Your husband is so sweet to think about photos for your blog. My family makes fun of me for always getting photos for my blog. :(
The silks look beautiful and I hope you were able to get lots so that you can make many more memories.

Garnered Stitches said...

So glad to hear you have arrived home safely from your voyage around the world. I was getting a little worried due to lack of posts! Expecting lots of photos of your Hong Kong adventures.
best wishes

Laura Jane said...

Commiserations on the Kowloon bolt. Very unpleasant. In my travel experience it was the Little Rock, Arkansas bolt, followed by a few others....sad but true.

I love the idea of using your chop as a design feature - maybe you could use it as part of your label.

Helen said...

No, not feeling deprived at all! (vbg)