Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet clarification

It seems that there are Americans willing to take the risk of questioning an ailing whining spoiled Brit. What on earth, they ask, are the kopkops and winter candy of your last post?
Well it turns out you can get them online.
(Dad. Take note,)
Kopkops here, winter/cough candy here ( unwrapped!).
Note that the latter is not to be confused with these which are nasty.

And look - they even have pink foam shrimps! Surely you must get those in the States you being a nuk-le-ar power and all?

They ship to the States so you can be better prepared for the plague than I was. If you should place an order you also need to add Uncle Joes Mint balls, a delicacy made down the road in Wigan (arch rival of my home town St. Helens.) The factory is right next to the old court building and until the courts shifted across town, my arrival at work was often scented by this very distinctive smell of Uncle Joe Mint Balls. I do believe there is an entire retail shop dedicated to the product.

Anything else I can get off my death bed to educate you about? :)


floribunda... aka Julie said...

I'm sure you don't want to know that all your links led to kopkops, and that they all sound vaguely disturbing! Can't we just send you some Ricola and a tureen of chicken soup instead? I'm working on a method to email soup to people, but it hasn't been perfected yet.

Get well soon!

sophie said...

Oh good, it wasn't just me or my reader that kept going to the same page (for kopkops) no matter which link I tried ... and they don't look very appetizing. Licorice-flavored, I'm guessing?

Yes, please KEEP educating us ;-)

Gerrie said...

Or maybe she is just obsessed with kopkops. Herbal flavor? Ewww.