Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Using Google alerts

I do not tend to be in the forefront of new computer applications, programmes, doodahs, whatever. What usually happens is that my friend and fellow Twelve Brenda Gael Smith mentions something and I jump up all suprised and go,'What? What? I need that? Where do I get it?'

And so it was with Google Alerts. It turns out there is this neat little thingymajig that lets you see if other people are writing about you on the Internet. I should have known about this in the past because I commented on a post on Erica Spinks' blog about Mark Lipinski's magazine and he found it pretty quickly. But it was not until Ricky Tims left a comment on Brenda's blog that she mentioned that he probably used it too.

So I have been trying it out. So far I have been alterted to my own blog posts and the fact that a copy of one of my law books is on sale on ebay and that someone who is not me but has the same name was reluctant to be drawn into a planning permission debate. Yawn. Although I do think my namesake is sensible.

But I assume that the Mandarin Oriental also use it as they left a comment on my last post alerting me ( ha) to the fact that the development in Hong Kong that I thought would threaten their harbour views was going to be low rise. So I stand corrected. Although it remains the fact the harbour is much further from the Mandarin than from the Harbor Plaza where we stayed and is on a much busier road.

So anyway, I am having fun now wondering how many people I can drag here via Google Alerts?
Hi Ricky/Mark/The Mandarin/Brenda....hmm, Hi Michael Douglas. Hi Richard Gere, Hi, Patrick Dempsey..... oh I could go on all night... hi Meg Ryan ( that one was for Dennis) .....

Shanghai in the next post I promise.


Brenda said...

Yup. I received a Google alert about this post before it appeared on Bloglines. Make sure you do Google alerts for your blog and website urls too :-)

Sue Dennis said...

Sounds like something I need too. Brenda is soooo good at these things.

Gerrie said...

Laughing hysterically. I think I have mentioned George Clooney often and I never hear from him!!