Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hong Kong architecture

Soon, there will be much more architecture in Hong Kong. This is the land reclamation going on on Hong Kong island. We noted that this is right in front of the reknown Mandarin Oriental which is still selling harbour views. Hmm. Maybe not for much longer. And I am betting they don't mention the current foreground of those views. Eventually there will be more shiny sky scrapers like these.
Some buildings - like the new convention centre are relatively low rise. And there are still some tiny street stalls nestled amongst the sky scrapers.

But in general terms. Hong Kong goes up. And up. Even these residential buildings.

And so the airconditioners go on the outside. Which may not look pretty but - is it just me- or is there a quilt/ embroidery pattern here?!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

We would like to respond to your comment that soon there will be skyscrapers blocking the views from our hotel.

You can see the plans for the waterfront development project here: http://www.pland.gov.hk/pland_en/p_study/prog_s/UDS/eng_v1/UDS_mlp_eng.htm

Although it's still some years away from completion, the area in front of the hotel is going to be low-rise with greenery, water gardens/piazza and open public spaces, and thankfully not skyscrapers blocking the view.

It looks as though you've found lots of artistic inspiration during your travels recently. We have a number of antique emroideries and Chinese ceremonial clothes on display in the hotel and we hope that next time you come back to Hong Kong that you'll be able to come and take a look.

Many thanks

Rachel said...

It's not just you.. if I were a quilter I'd be getting itchy fingers already!

Garnered Stitches said...

Re. the first post - that's you told, Helen! LOL!
Still I wouldn't like to book a water front view and be faced with a building yard,with or without "low rise with greenery" on completion, would you?

Loving the air conditioning unit picture - have you thought of setting a challenge to see how we can create quilts or pieces of textile art using it as inspiration? Go on I dare you!
best wishes