Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teaser answer

Ok, I will tell you the answer to my teaser question.
We have all had suits made at Sam's Tailors in Hong Kong. Or, in my case, have had several suits made. I started with three, (two with both skirt and trousers) which was what I planned and which turned out to be only a little bit over budget. Ah well. When I sad budget I meant kind of rough estimate. And I didn't estimate for adding silk and cashmere to my wool cloth. Between ordering them (at 7pm) and my fitting ( amazingly at 10.30 the very next morning) I decided to add another jacket.Only I was firmly told that the Boss man 'wanted me to have a dress, jacket and trousers in an Italian cloth and a long coat jacket and trousers in the grey check.' Now he really did want me to have them. I mean, really wanted it. And its not nice to disappoint people for no reason is it? Besides, I had been watching Boss man in action and he really knows what he is talking about. I was particularly impressed when he made a lady cancel an order she had just placed with an assistant because he did not think that the fabric she had chosen would sit well with the design of dress she wanted as it did not have the requisite stretch and 'I do not want that going out with my name on because you will be disappointed.' So, no point going to the expert and not listening is there? If he says I will not regret having more clothes.....!

Boss man is not in fact Sam, who was the original owner of the store, but is son of Sam, although I am sure that that particular way of explaining it could be phrased better given the connotations! He is Manu Melwani. Dennis captioned this photo of us discussing lapel styles, "Just sign here. don't worry, its just like a sub-prime mortgage, that's all."

In fact his prices are very reasonable for what you are getting. There are many tailors around who offer cheaper packages ( and who solicit you off the street which Sam's does definitely NOT do - it doesn't even need to advertise that much) but I would doubt the quality of cloth/ workmanship in comparison. I have another fitting for the second order and then the results will be delivered to the hotel before we leave.


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Lisa said...

It looks like you will not be disappointed.

Kristin L said...

I can't imagine that Sam would dare to disappoint you. If he says you ned an italian suiting dress, then of course, you need an italian suiting dress. BTW, the first photo of you is absolutely charming. Can you duplicate it with a more scenic background for your book photo?

Rayna said...

YOu will look stunning, Helen. What a luxury to have clothes made to order!