Monday, February 01, 2010

Po Lin monastery

I am not that good at languages but I did manage to pcik up some Cantonese while in Hong Kong. The words for. "Hello. Welcome to my country." appear to be "Ay lo. Watch. Gu chi. Lu ee vu ton."
And many many people want to say hello when you walk down Nathan Road in Kowloon. Many. So if you fancy a little escape I recommend Po Lin Monastery.
A twenty minute or son train journey from kowloon central brings you to Launta Island and the terminal for a three mile cable car journey over the empty mountains of the national park.At the top is a 'Village'. but don't be fooled into thinking it is a real village. It is a collection of shops lining the road to the monatary but it is relatively tastfully done and you can get some really good chinese food for lunch.So good I abandoned the camera once it arrived. Once at the monastery there is lots of visual stimulus.Colour.People.Little nooks and crannies.Then there is the giant buddah, visible from miles away on the cable car and close up, well, its very giant indeed.

A lovely day out.


Vicki W said...

Welcome home! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. With my allergy issue I know for sure that I will NEVER be able to travel to these places. It was great fun to see it as you traveled.

Terry said...

Beautiful photos. Especially love the giant Buddha.