Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watch 'n' sew

The wonder of wifi in the house is that I can now watch TV on my computer in my sewing room, thanks to the BBC I player which allows you to watch programmes previously broadcast in the last week. And of course you can watch wherever you are in the world:

If you have some spare time while you are sewing ( or whatever) you might like to check these out:

The Barristers may well answer some of the questions I have had from people about my profession. It follows four young people trying to qualify at Bar school and also has some footage of a criminal barrister and a QC - not in court but in Chambers and in the robing room. Its pretty accurate about life at the Bar (save that in my area no one actually uses the red bags they talk about - we favour suitcases on wheels!) and there will be more episodes.

The department store I am watching as I write. It is hilarious. I am certain that the participants in this documentary did not intend it to be a comedy but I am pretty sure that the maker and narrator knew exactly what they were doing even as they present it with all seriousness. It shows the running of a small, old-fashioned family owned departments store in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a very good example of how not to run a business and has as its stars one of the most irritating men you have met ( but it's like a good horror film - you almost can't watch him but you just have to!). It actually is a very good example of the people and lifestyles of Yorkshire people as well as a telling portrait of a marriage and parent-child relationships. Towards the end a couple of poignant revelations make it a little weightier than it seems at the outset (but it is still trivial enough to paper piece to!) The two old ladies buying chairs are worthy of an Alan Bennett story. Again there are two more episodes to come but in different stores.

Let me know if you watch.


Quilt Pixie said...

I love watching online TV. its the only way I watch things since giving up our TV almost a year ago...

The Calico Cat said...

When/if they make it to BBC America, I'll tune in at least one. Right now we are getting ot watch Gavin & Stacey - so don't hold your breath.

Margeeth said...

Tried to check it out, but it turns out it is only available in the UK.