Friday, November 21, 2008

Textiley travels

No blog for a few days now - off to court in Rawtenstall now. Don't actually know where the court is in Rawtenstall. Or indeed where Rawtenstall is exactly (just out of Blackburn somewhere) - how Sat Nav takes the stress out of work travel! Assuming the road is not a new one named after my Sat Nav disc was made which is what rather embarrassingly happened when I tried to guide Brenda from Midsomer Quilting in Somerset to our hotel when she came over from Australia. We both have a greater knowledge of the byways ( there were no highways) of Somerset than we ever wanted.

That should not take too long ( because my lay opponent has decided that a better option than actually dealing with his divorce would be to go and live with a young woman in Thailand. This does not work - we just serve him and go ahead anyway.) so I hope to visit the Quaker Tapestry in Kendal on the way to Mum's. Mum saw it yesterday and is raving so at least I should have some ability to converse on the subject tonight.

On Saturday I have my quilting class and from there Mum and I are driving to Harrogate to stay with her friend and then go to the Knit and Stitch on Sunday. If you were thinking of coming to burgle my house then think again - Dennis is at home watching rugby all weekend on TV with his best friend and my Dad who is driving down as I drive up and is clearly seeking refuge from the stitching stuff.

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