Monday, November 24, 2008

Knit and stitch show

Show news but first a tiny rant if I may: Today the government announced, in effect, that if I wait until Monday to buy the CD I was going to buy my husband for Christmas it will be 21p cheaper. For this great privilege I get to pay much higher taxes in a years time. Of course that is an unfair summary of the Pre -Budget report and the VAT reduction. I could instead go on a huge spending spree for stuff I don't need and save lots of 21ps and then find that when my taxes go up I not only have no savings but quite possibly have debt to pay out of my reduced income. Good grief Gordon Brown!

Ahem. Ok back on track. I went to the Knit and Stitch yesterday with my Mum. Relatively restrained spending occurred. (Relative to the national debt that is):

Pretty things from Oliver Twists

Compulsory half meters of genuine African Fabric from Magie Relph. (It's the law - you have to shop with her.)

This, my first ever cross stitch kit, my lust for which increased in direct proportion to the amount of doubt my mother showed that I would ever get it done. It is called Three Yoruban Women for anyone also lusting for it. It is by Dimensions.

Vastly reduced Anchor threads found just as I was leaving.
and this book

On my return my Spring Fling quilt had arrived. I had had a heads up from Kate North who worked on it that I would love it and I do. Shame that the smallest member of our household appears to have appropriated it as his own.


Judith said...

I am glad it arrived safely. I loved quilting on it very much

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Indeed pretty!

Helen said...

And now you are going to have to pay more in departure tax when you go on your trip. Yikes, that's for two!

katelnorth said...

I thought that one was probably yours! I hope Margaret doesn't think I gave the game away :) as my only comment was that I worked on a quilt I thought might be yours and if it was, you'd love it...

Anyway. Great cross-stitch, too - will look forward to seeing progress on it!

lil said...

very nice spring fling, I envy you you should post a pic on the blog so that everyone can see