Sunday, November 30, 2008

The stashing gene

Although it was a surprise to me when I stumbled upon quilting as my life's passion just three years ago, in fact it may have been predestined. I knew that my Dad's sister was an excellent sewer but it has only been through recent research that it has emerged that my paternal grandmother was a dressmaker and that backwards from my maternal great-grand mother I have ancestors who were a seamstress, a tailor and several sail makers. Of course all those occupations require the precision I disdain so the talent must have got diluted over the centuries.

However, in finishing off this Jewish memorial quilt I realised that there is probably a much closer stashing gene in the family.

I say 'finished' - the top is complete but it is to be rolled on curtain poles and attached to a backboard so it looks like a Torah scroll. All of which requires hardware and so the following telephone conversation with my Dad in Penrith ensued.

ME: In mock wheedling voice, knowing I am about to suggest great fun to him "Da-ad. Can you use your pensioners discount at B&Q and go and get some stuff for me?"

HIM: Oh, I could go today. What do you need?

ME: I need two curtain poles at least 32.5" long."

HIM: I've got some curtain poles somewhere. They won't be that length but I can cut them down for you.

ME: But what colour are they?

HIM: Oh I can't remember but they are different.

ME: Well I need them to match and I was thinking of mahogany. Can we sand and stain them?

HIM: Yeah. I've got some mahogany stain in the garage.
ME: Great. And I need some finials for them. Ones that look like a Torah scroll top.
HIM: They cost a fortune. I've got some drawer knobs that will fit on top if we screw them in. They are in the garage. They are kind of elongated onion shape.Will they do?
ME: Great. And we need those bicycle type clip things you use to hang your tools to clip the poles to the backboard.

HIM: With gusto. I haven't got any of those. I'll have to go shopping.
ME: Get gold or brass.

HIM. They don't do them like that. I've got some gold metal paint in the garage though.
ME: Fab. Now I need a back board. Can you get some wood. About 34 x 45.

HIM: That off cut of MDF I've got in the garage will do for that. And I'll have some hanging screws in my box......

Just as I say that show-going(and buying) and quilting are two different hobbies, so for him DIY and what we call 'widgiting' (i.e. rummaging through boxes for screws and nails at the local market or hardware store), are different activities. I used to wonder what we would do with his collection if anything happened to him but recently I saw a great piece embellished with rivets and tile spacers. I am just a little worried that if I start to stray too much into his area now he might suddenly see the use for half a meter of Moda in his construction of a garden wall....


Gina said...

I think it's a dad thing as my father is exactly the same. I always check with him before I go out and buy something.

love and hugs Gina xx

Pennie and David said...

I just love the sound of your Dad, you two seem so in tune with each other! I really enjoyed reading your post! Thanks... Pennie

Susan D said...

What a great Dad you have. I've recently discovered that my greatgrandmother on my Mum's side was a seamstress in the late 1800's. There must be a gene because my Mum was a tailoress and now I'm into textiles as well.

Gerrie said...

You make me miss my Dad. I want to see this quilt larger and up close!! What is the sie of it?