Friday, November 14, 2008

Public accountabilty

Both my blogging and quilting took a back seat this week.
(a) because I was dispatched to Carlisle to work at the last minute on Monday evening and
(b) because I have been researching our travel tip to New Zealand and my style of holiday planning requires me to vist the website of every single available accommodation in a place and compare quality of bedspreads before I can let go. This I find is great fun but time consuming.

So an an effort to enusre I get off line this weekend and continue my Finish Up project here are my tasks. I shall repeort back on Sunday evening and you can all come round and smack my bottom if I have not done what I should have. ( There, that alone should increase my google search hits! I apologise to any new readers who find this post turned out too wholesome for your tastes.)

This top has lain unfinished for some time. It is annoying me and somthing must be done.

This (badly photographed) top did not exists on Wednesday - it is evidence that I sagged off work on Thursday afternoon. It is the intended background for a Jewish memorial quit for my City and Guilds wallhanging. I intend to do fancy things with attaching it to a backboard for display so it will not get finished this weekend ( because fancy hardware attachments require access to my father's tools) but susbtantial progress should be possible.

I also need to make a NYB block for a swap, catch up on blog reading and quilt a miniquilt which I can't show in the terms of the swap. This may all be too ambitious. We will see.


Quilt Pixie said...

good luck....

Helen said...

Are you visiting New Zealand? When? How long for? Come visit me!!