Friday, February 23, 2007

Travelin' heavy

Tonight I go back up to my parents for a quilting class tomorrow. This is my luggage for the single overnight stop and that does not include my handbag. Nor my extension table which I might forgo in the name of travelling light. The black bag to the left is in fact empty but will be a change of clothes and toiletries.
The suitcase then?
Fabric!! (It doesn't quite shut).
The plan for Saturday is to finalise a design for a part foundation pieced, part appliqued pink and cream quilt with curved inner and outer borders for a gift. ( Saying no more in case the receipient is listening). It started out designed with papercuts done with needleturn but that plan is going to be abandoned partly for speed, partly becuase machining is easier on my hands, and partly because the dusky pink fabric I chose resisted any attempt to mark it in a way I can see!
I also plan to work with a friend on a new design for a collaborative, african style, quilt combining freedom log cabins and applique. We have both agreed to make one sample block and to take our African stashes to compare /combine - actually I have cheated - the suitcase containes only half my African stash, together with all the pink/cream fabric... and this class is above a shop....
By the way, the government seem to think that I can do this trip by public transport which would involves a total of two trains and six buses (or taxis). Yeah right.

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