Monday, February 26, 2007

Swaps and applique

First - swaps - I am really into Swap-bot at the moment - like Blogs its a great way to connect with people but by real mail with real items for a change. I love email but I still bound downstairs when the post drops onto the door mat and hate it when its all work or bills or for Dennis.

So, some swap news first

My ATCs got potsed on another blog by the recipent in Germany. Her blog is all about swaps so take a look and see if you fancy joining in.
2. I have four new swaps I started on Swap-bot if you fancy trying it out. They are all letter ones for cheapness.

(a) Know How - we all know things and that's what makes us interesting . So this one requires a letter including a fact you learned from work, a little something you can teach your partner to do (Eg a recipie, a craft tip, a dance step) and a funny or interesting general knowledge factoid

(b) 24 hours in the life of. ... what seems every day to one person is a really fascinating 'other life' to someone else. Plus when we stop to observe what we have around us and do we often are amazed by what we take for granted. In this letterwe will give details of our life and routine for a 24 hour period

(c) In case of fire.... If the house was on fire and your family and pets were safe and it was safe for you to get 10 things out what would they be and why are they so important to you?

(d) Ready Steady Cook. Post six ingredients you love or want to know how to cook. Your parnter will send you at least three recipies each of which will use at least one of your ingredients.

As for quilting. I started working on an appliqued block in Jacobean style today - tulips and leaves on a green stem swirl on cream background. The exact opposite of the precision doesn't matter routine of yesterday. Its for a a gift quilt - hence a different style to my usual quilting. Its very slow butI enjoyed handsewing whilst watching a film. Only trouble is I have a thread emergency - I forgot to buy the green silk thread I need. Thank goodness for Hazel at Just Sew who I know will post it tomorrow and open a tab for me!

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