Friday, February 02, 2007

Quliting break

Juts a quick post before I dash off to Manchester to teach trainee solicitors how to be an advocate. I feel the abence if I leave my blog for a few days as I have just done and hope that someone out there misses me!

So I just want to say thank you to all of you who contacted me about my hands either via comment or privately ( dnomder yes I would love you to send me your dietary guidelines - my email is available on my profile).

The night before yesterday I had spent all day at court sneakily rubbing massasge oil with lavander and black pepper aromatherapy oil into my thumbs. I think I smelled like an old lady ( apologies to old ladies world over!). I came home and thought: Right what am I going to make tonight? I logged on first and found a newletter from Yoga Journal had arrived with a link to this article about violence to the self. I read it and thought - you know what, it's not necessarily a waste of my time If I just lie on the sofa for one night and watch bad TV. So I did.

Then last night I spent it all dealing with various swaps I have signed up for at swap-bot. and sending some beatles stuff to a child of a quilter I met on line at the chat facilty of The Quilt Show. But I am back quilting today- I got three lines of quilting on a bag done whilst the crumpets were in the toaster for breakfast just now!

But time to battle rush hour on the motorway....

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Helen said...

I miss you! I love your blog.