Sunday, February 04, 2007

Join my swap!

Today I got to start my very own swaps on and I am hoping that all my readers will join in!

I have set up two.

The first is a Fabric Swap with a difference. We will be swapping a fat quarter or the equivalent in charms or strips of one colour group, together with some pictures from magazines or the like which show that colour being used to good effect with others. The idea is to give you a 'free' bit of material to experiment with and to stretch you to put it with colours you would not normally have chosen.

(Readers who have done the colour portfolio of the City and Guilds certificate may recognise my inspiration!)

The second will be even lighter on postage being a fun Know How swap. All it requires is a letter telling your partner
(a) instructions on how to do somethng you know how to do eg. a craft project or a recepie or dance step - anything
(b) an interesting fact relating to your job or if you do not work outside the home, home or child related fact
(c) a funny or intriguing general knowledge fact

Then send a small light gift like a postcard or bookmark with some relevance to one of the facts. That gift can be homemade or store bought.

If you do join my swap because you read this can you let me know with a comment either here or on the comment facilty on the swap page.

For readers who have not yet found Swap-bot it is a forum for all kinds of swaps, is free to join and allows you contact with people all over the world (which I assume you like if you are reading blogs!). You pick which swaps you get involved in and they include things like pen pal letters, chocolate, magazines, ATCs , teas etc. A ratings system operates to weed out bad swappers to give you confidence in joining in. Check it out!


dnomder said...

I couldn't find your e-mail address no matter where I looked. Mine is so maybe you could e-mail me so I could give you a few tips on your hands. As I said I am still walking and sewing and typing, I have good days and bad days but more good ones these days even with this weather. hope to hear from you soon.

Diana said...

I was just wondering about the fabric swap--is the picture supposed to be quilt related or will anything do? This sounds like an intriguing idea.