Monday, February 19, 2007

Little and Large

Thank you to all who responded to my quilting dilemma. As you can see from this photo...

I was following some of the advice already. Buried under the quilt is an extension table. The advantage of using the dining room table ( there are many dis-advantages!) is that there is plenty of table to the left and to the back and I use a chair back to support even more of the weight.

I have slowed down and speeded up. But still the back has those 'taggy' stiches and the thread breaks. I do beleive the answer lies in adjusting the bobin case but I can't because it requires the minutest of Phillips screwdrivers which didn't come with the machine and I don't posess otherwise.

So for now the quilt is to be rolled up and placed on the naughty step until it learns to behave becuase I just can't be bothered with it anymore. I have decided to avoid this repetition of the problem in two ways:

(a) tonight I shall be wrapping up my first quilt to go to a Long arm quilter which is quite exciting to see how it comes back. I am being very lazy and getting her to do the binding too

(b) I am going to play with ATC's tonight. Now 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches shouldn't give me quilting problems. (If you think otherwise let me know now before I get very annoyed indeed!) I just have to think of an idea for somthing that small.

I have signed up for a beginner's swap on Swap-bot which requires me just to make 2 of them so I thought I'd have a go. I have also signed up to swap a tote bag and a smaller handmade bag so I am hoping that those should be relatively stress free!
Yesterday I made this paper design for my City and Guilds Shape portfolio (sorry about the flash - it's shiny card and reflects but without it the card came out blue!)and this bookmark to swap out of the same card.

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Helen said...

Does the cloth on the dining table make it difficult to manouvre (sorry about the spelling) the quilt?