Sunday, February 25, 2007

My kind of quilting

I had a fun time in Penrith yesterday with Lesley designing our collaborative quilts. We started with the premise that this was a quilt where precision ( not our strong point) was not going to matter. So 'Freedom log cabins' seemed a good start, as in cut a load of strips - in this case from African or African style fabrics in greens and browns- in random widths and attach them in random order and don't worry about the block size - that trims!

We agreed to swap stash fabric and then do ten starter blocks. The idea is to do two quilts so we both get one but we will probably join them up differently with different connector blocks. The stash share was funny as Lesley's was about a dozen fabrics and half of mine filled a suitcase! She had quality fabric from Maggie Relph though so it evened out!

I had a full afternoon to quilt today so got the basic blocks started:

They won't all be togther like that in the end and eventually the centre oblongs will be filled with appliqued african ladies in different styles from the book Quilt Africa. Like this sample block.
I also thought I'd show you some mugs I found on sale in Penrith that I really liked. I got two of each. I rang home and tried to describe the pink ones but all I could think of was 'They look like Amy Butler fabric' ... not helpful to my husband!

Finally, I ended my last post with a flip comment about travelling up by train. In fact had I done so I would probably have been on the train that crashed. I can't really say 'There for the grace of God...' because it was only a fleeting consideration to be environmentally friendly to go by train but it does make you think about making the most of life and appreciating family.


Helen said...

'They look like Amy Butler fabrics' is the perfect description for these mugs.

I must admit I didn't get the comment about the government thinking you could do the trip by train. Were they paying for it (vbg) or are they trying to encourage everyone to be more environmentally friendly?

Helen Conway said...

Oh I wish they were paying! No its the whole environment thing except that they don't twig that public transport doesn't -except in London - go where the people actually want to go and is not suitable if you have tons of luggage. They are talking here about making us pay per mile to drive but in many ( not all) cases there is no real alternative.

Helen said...

Yes, I agree. Public transport works well in large cities, but elsewhere? No, it often just doesn't meet the need (not to mention how much time it chews up).

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading back through to your November posts. I'll be back.

Diana said...

This looks like the beginning of an interesting project. I love the idea of non-precision sewing, especially with that lovely green and brown fabric. Are the appliques going to be machine-sewn or hand-sewn?