Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry for my unannounced absence. I went to Penrith for a sewing break and the catching of a nasty head cold left me feeling hot and stuffed up and generally unfit to fight with my parent's incredibly slow dial-up connection.

I had taken an optimistic amount of sewing with me for the three days I had booked open classes at Morceau. I did more or less finish a black shift dress ( just one hem to go) but spent much of the time huddled up against the radiator sniffling and making the quilting comfort food equivalent - tote bags. Here are two I made with linen I snagged in the sale at just £3 per meter.

On Valentines day my tissues, my husband and I went to Sedbergh just into Yorkshire for the sole purpose of going to Westwood books where Dennis bought me these three books.

Now I am back I am sticking bits of paper togther for the shape portfolio of the city and guilds. To be honest I am getting a bit fed up of the design elements - mostly becuase we are not allowed to sew, so any great idaes you get have to be put on the back burner which is annoying.


YankeeQuilter said...

Those books look wonderful. How do you like the guild program? I was surfing the internet for more information on it last night. I was thinking it may give me some structure (badly needed I may add!)

Hope you are feeling better.


Helen said...

Great books. I hope you enjoy them. Did you get your quilting problem sorted?