Friday, September 08, 2006

What's in your bag?

This is the bag I am currently using for work. Yesterday I realised that the contents were mounded up towards the handles and it was time for a sort out, so I tipped it upside down and shook everything out. Alarmingly, this was what was inside:

I key ring with keys for one car and three houses
1 orange and mango teabag
3 hotel pens
3 bags of mints from the Golden Tulip Hotel
1 old train ticket
1 folded article on diferent types of waddings
1 journal
1 quilters calculator
2 purses ( one for personal cash, one for business)
2 glasses cases containing glasses
1 empty glasses case
1 hair clip
1 hair scrunchie
1 entry form for the Malvern quilt Show next year
7 pencils from a Chester conference venue ( great for seam allowance marking)
1 cup a soup ( mediteranean tomato)
1 set of directions to South Cave
6 tampons
1 tissue
1 mobile phone
1 long quilter's quarter
1 Fairtraide chocolate brownie
1 Officlally Low Fat Fox's chocolate cereal bar
2 Alpen cereal bars
1 Hotel key card from about 2 months ago
1 lemon and ginger tea bag
1 earl grey tea bag
1 bank paying in book
4 indigestion tablets
1 makeup bag
1 set of makeup brushes
1 milage log for the car
1 notebook used to sketch inspirational patterns etc
1 letter
1 pin
22 loose mint imperials
1 perfume tester card
1 entry ticket to a quilt show at Trentham gardens last April
1 apple
1 old used staple
1 scrap of black fabric
1 copy of a Practice Direction on Court bundles

What's in your bag?!

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