Thursday, September 14, 2006

City and Guilds - Lines

Last week I started my City and Guilds Level 3 in Patchwork at the School of Stitched Textiles which is about 25 mins away from me. I thought I'd blog about each lesson and my homework in between other entries so that anyone interested in the course can see what its all about and sort of follow along.

We are starting with the design module and our first lesson was on lines. I say lesson because actually we got no teaching at all. There are three classes going on together in one tiny room and each level has a table each. One tutor does all levels. She saw our group of 4 first gave us a short introduction and a collection of handouts then sent us off to read them and to do the exercises. Which was fine but the exercises did not take anywhere near the 3 hour lesson by a long way and it being the first lesson and having been told just to bring a notebok and pen I didn't have the materials to do them! So I ended scrounging stuff then leaving early to go to an art shop nearby.

I was a bit disappointed because I have been really looking forward to starting but when I got into the homework I kind of got re-enthused. I prefer to work alone than be taught anyway. I know it is the first lesson and I might find it entirely different in the future but even if I find the imput a bit lacking throughout, attending in person is - strangely - far cheaper than the option of being taught on line so I'll keep tipping up every other Sunday!

As for the subject matter - we are looking at lines and our exercises have been, first ,to play with lines - drawing and scribbling and using different pens,pencils to draw around things etc. Like being at primary school and definately a good activity when you are tired and in a hotel room! I've been cutting up striped wrapping paper and moving the pieces around to see what I get. It all felt a bit silly at first - very primary school like but within a few minutes I had an aha! moment and began to see how playing could lead to some of the fantastic designs I've seen other people do.

We also have to collect examples of lines, so as well as hacking away at magazines and sitting in Starbucks in Leeds' Border's covertly copying designs from books on tribal art I couldn't afford to buy ( but coveted greatly) I took to the street outside the hotel with my camera.

the whole point of this post was to show you my lines - but Blogger is playing up and won't post them!! I'll try tomorrow.

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