Thursday, September 14, 2006

On blog-gaps and blotting cookies

For those who are kind enough to read this regularly I should explain that September and October are the time of year when I start to go off around the country on lecture 'tours'. My day job includes a lot of training other lawyers in family law and they all need to collect 16 continuing education points in a year, the year ending in October. Of course they all leave it to the last minute ( well most of them) and so every company who runs courses want me to run them in these two months. So I trot off with my trusty wheely case around the country living and working in hotels. Which I why from time to time I will have blog-gaps - mostly when I am in hotels without resonably priced wireless connections or when I am just knackered and good only for watching DVDs on the laptop and eating the leftover biscuits I can't seem to resist 'liberating' from the conference facilties.

I brought some freshly cooked white chocolate chip cookies back this week in a brown paper envelope the company sent the register in. When I came to eat them a few hours later the envelope was covered in grease - it looked like I'd put fish and chips in it. Frightening to think what was in that cookie. Or frightening for about five minutes until I figured that if the grease was on the paper it wasn't in the cookie anymore so it was OK to eat it! Do you think there is a market for a Food-Blotting diet?

I seem to have a kind of hotel kleptomania. Am I the only one who can't leave behind those free pens?

One advantage of being mobile is that I do get to visit shops we don't have locally which is how I came to acquire this book by Sandra Meech this week from Borders in Leeds. Handy for the City and Guilds I've just started... for which see next post.

I also came home to find both the Nancy Crow book and a coffee table book on the Gee's Bend quilts and a catalogue from Creative Grids had arrived. Yum yum.

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