Sunday, September 03, 2006

Great Northern Quilts Show

Had a great time at the show yesterday. Looking at the quilts on show inspired me to enter some of my own next year. Not that I think I'm in the prizewinning category yet but I enjoyed looking at all of them and without others being prepared to send quilts in I wouldn't have had such a good day, so it seems only right to particpate. Which of course meant I needed to buy fabric for all these entries from the traders! One of which is Ragbags who recycle used and vintage fabrics. I bought a couple of their crazy packs - a total meter of fabric of diferent textures beautifully bundled. They sold them to make this cute little elephant but I have my own ideas for them! The pattern is for sale on their site.Along with lots of FQ's and a series of shades of pinks and purples in dupion silks I bought this book, which is giving me lots of ideas for all the African fabric I can't help but stash and the beautiful but hard to use Japanese garden fabrics Dennis bought me for Christmas. By the way, remember the dress fabric I sketched when we saw the African Children's choir? I found just a half meter of it for sale, so snapped that one up pronto!

Does anyone want to join with me in sponsoring a prize for supportive spouses? Mine wins this weekend I am sure. He gave up his last weekend before going back to school ( he's a teacher) to come with me to Harrogate just so I didn't have to drive home. The plan was for him to have a day out in Harrogate book shops and to watch a match at the rugby club while I did the quilts. However, he was persuaded to come in and join in my excitement ('Just for the first hour - so you know what I am talking about'). But then torrential rain set in and rugby watching was out of the question so the poor man sat in a bad cafe the whole day just waiting and bag watching. And then - when we came home he bought me a gift!! Star or what?

The gift? This gorgeous coffee table book I had coveted at the show and left then regretted leaving.

I did find time for a couple of hour workshops too with Gail Lawther famed for her stained glass technique and a foundation pieced seascape class with Sally Holman. came home full of enthusiasm to finish the quilt I have been working on so I can get onto other projects.... and ran out of thread with about a square quarter of a meter to quilt. Arrgh. Thank God for next day deleiveries from The Tabby Cat that's all I can say.

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