Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Piccies

Yipee - the new camera lead came. So I can show you what I have been doing today:

A little 'play thing' using all my scraps from the liberated African quilt I did. Called 'Khayelitsha- Night'. I am aiming for a shanty town with a ramshackle use of uneven log cabins with light from the windows and doors topped with with a scrap fabric night in blues and blacks- that's the bit still in progress. Can anyone else see it? Den says it looks like a pile of fabric but then supportive though he is he can't usually 'see' anything until its finished. Even if no-one else can see it I can and its just for me so I guess that's all that matters - although comments from more experienced people would be very welcome. I still need to figure out how you edge an uneven quilt. Bias binding I guess?

I can also show you the two quilts I have just completed......I wish! No these are inspirational pictures snapped at the Kelvingrove Museum in Scotland

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Cathy said...

I wanted to visit Kelingrove, but it was closed for remodeling when we were there in May. It was what I wanted to really see in Glasgow.