Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sewing spaces

I have become rather fascinated with other people's sewing space recently. I visited Chris Marriage at Father's Heart Quilting this week. ( I thought she had a shop but it's mail order and commission only but she was still kind enough to invite a complete stranger to visit her at home when I rang from the ring road near her home to say I'd made a huge diversion to find her!). She has a fantastic room for her long arm quilting machine, as well as a fabric room for her sales and quilts hung up all over the house. Other bloggers have posted pictures of their space recently too.
See Brenda's in her post of September 6th
and Helen's post of 2nd September
Tami's on 7th Sept and Melody's Johnson's dying space in her entry of 7th Sept - so professional.
In the spirit of sharing here are some piccies of my colonisation of our dining room and second bedroom for quilting:

I have set up camp on the dining room table with the ironing board set up in what we rather pretentiously call the library. Behind my seat are patio doors - its been like quilting in the semi-outdoors recently with the nice weather. I keep meaning to buy some table protector to work on but it never gets done. On the table are some batiks I took to slicing into strips and squares today. The stash is in this built in cupboard in the second bedroom in various baskets and boxes. Don't look at how many boots there are... some are hidden!Also in this room is the sofa bed on which I sometimes retreat to hand work in peace if the football is on the TV downstairs. (See all those piled up books I was complaining about!)
Back downstairs, my brand new design wall is a state of the art flanelette sheet bought on sale in Blackburn and held up over the book cases with three very heavy Penny Vincenzi novels. (On an erudite day I use my husbad's copy of Proust.) On it is a quick Project Linus quilt-cum-play mat I am making with those cheap plains from Denmark.
In the vague hope of keeping things tidy and at least a bit accessible given that the main store is upstairs, I bought some food storage boxes from Asda last week and stuck some of them by the machine and some of them on top of my collection of books about South Africa which is to my left as I sew. One for each UFO. The bag is an old laptop bag I use for carting equipment to classes

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Elle said...

I love studio space photos. Thanks for sharing!