Thursday, December 23, 2010

Virtual Christmas presents for you all

I can't buy you all a real present but I have been shopping to give you a choice of virtual presents that I would love to buy for you and myself as well!  They are all under the tree - pick what you like best!

I am sure I will not be the only one to be fascinated by the really interesting baskets forms here by Joe Hogan

If you need wall art and share my love of African items you too will covet a framed print of these fabulous photos from a trip to Mali here or one of these fabulous portrait shots by Laurent Rappa - this one is my favourite - I think you will see why!
If Africa is not your thing, the  food or still life photos of stylist Nan Witney would look great in a kitchen.
Or maybe you prefer patchwork on your wall? Or embroidery on paper from the Missouri Bend Studio?

 Maybe you prefer ceramics? Try these Beautiful bowls with marks to inspire stitch by Lidia Serra
These ceramics by Catherine Brennan remind me of the ceramics by Pollie and Garry Utley in that they both appear to have textiles imprinted into the clay.

Or for something in a different media how about an altered book by Raymond Papka?

Maybe you have been shopping too and need a bright bag by Yda Walt - I love her street scenes too: a very fresh approach to an old subject.

I found all these things simply by stumbling on a blog by South African artist Robyn Gordon and reading back a few posts and folliwng a few links. I shall be reading more of her blog that is for sure! And maybe in the future funding a space for one of her carvings.

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JB said...

Thanks for posting links to these outstanding artists works. What a feast for the eyes and the imagination. A wonderful virtual gift.