Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Munich Part 1

 First to the Sofitel. Swish 'junior suite' sourced at bargain pay-in-advance-heavily-reduced price. Which is blog code for 'staying way above my station in life and can't bring myself to part with 28 euros each for the breakfast so bought in goodies from the delicious station bakery each day instead.'
Its extremely handy location next to the main train station means views are mostly of the facing buildings or, on our side of the building, of the station tracks. But there is no noise. Unless Someone Else likes to play with all the switches they don't understand and accidentally and unwittingly opens an electrically operated window high, high up over the bed and freezes their wife's feet off when all she is trying to do is have a little relax downstairs. Then you get a little of the station announcements. And of course when you learn all the switches Someone Else can play with the in built electric blinds to his hearts content - up,down,up, down, until it snows and then there is kind of no point. Because then the view of the choo-choos becomes this.

 From this you can deduce that it was Cold in Munich.
And the girl is not keen on Cold.

But she can be cheered up with street food.

Note bene: two coats, two scarves. Both worn.

And she can be cheered up even more with not one but two visits to a quilt shop especially when the second is at Someone Else (Who Has An Atonement To Make)'s suggestion for the purpose of a present being bought.

The shop Quilts und TextilKunst is on Sebastietnplatz whch is not on any of the tourist maps we had but is very easy to find because it is between the Viktuelenmarkt ( the fanous and central food market) and the Jewish museum at JakobsPlatz. It has some nice cafes very near by and a pottery painting shop opposite. Like all European shops it is expensive for fabric compared with at home so the bag contains two German magazines and one 'Becuase-I-Had-To' FQ which, for the rest of the day proved extremely useful to wrap around my right ankle to stop my new snow boots chaffing my leg to bits.
At the back of the shop is a small exhibition area and there was to be found A Slice of Quilt Art by the QuiltArt group. The present the next day was the catalogue from that and the QuiltArt 25 show also.


Kristin L said...

Jealous. ;-)

Karen said...

Almost jealous except for the cold, and I love that QuiltArt 25 catalogue.