Thursday, December 09, 2010


Remember when I used to write about quilts and not just my house? Well, I finally finished my 'South Island of New Zealand Quilt'. Note the 'put the quilt on the floor and stand on the sofa' slapdash photography technique.

I chose the word fabric as my starter in the shop at Picton because the various words so summed up the relaxing time I was experiencing. the other fabrics were all bought on my shopping trips in South Island.

Then, on a roll,  I actually started one to play with my Aboriginal fabrics which came with me from Australia ( never!) and some batiks from PIQF. Packing boxes turn out to be a good place to set blocks out. I started with something simple and quick  for my own play satisfaction and so it will work as a magazine pattern. But I have ideas for later faux complications.

I am also working on some hand stitching of a quilt I started with Lisa Walton in her Crystalisation class at Midsomer Quilting in September and which ( becuase I am a rebel) looks nothing like her class samples. I shall show the full thing when finished. Here is a teaser.
This is my TV sewing. So relaxing. No precision required whatsoever.


Lisa Walton said...

This looks amazing - can't wait to see the finished quilt

Rachel said...

Love your south Island Quilt. You must be so happy to be writing about quilting again!

Rayna said...

I would HOPE your work looks nothing like any teacher's class sample! No precision required -- ahhhh my kind of work. Want to see the finished piece eventually.