Thursday, December 16, 2010

Munich Part 2

There was a stark contrast during our trip to Munich. First, Dachau memorial park, site of the nazi conceptration camp. It is in easy 10 min train and short connecting bus ride from the city. I actually went when I was interrailing when I was 17 but Dennis had never been and we are both firm believers that everyone should take time to visit places like this. It is of course grim, although in many ways less immediately affecting than Auschwitz - possibly becuase less remains standing.

This part of the memorial sculpture is the only colour around.

                                     And then back to the tinselly glitter of the Christmas markets.

Did you notice that I learned a new skill in Picassa? Amd I overdoing my collages? It is is  much quicker that postng all the photos individually.

So what else from Munich?  Not a lot. Terry commented on my packing dilemma post that she never swam in hotels and would I really go swimming? Oh yes. If there is a free spa quality pool I am in it as often as possible. And I love it when I get to be there alone. And this one was amazing. It was less pool more swimming cave. You need to use your imagination for this because for obvious (wet) reasons I have no photos.

You enter the pool down wide water covered steps. All the walls in this area are covered with either small black mosaic tiles or large deep grey stone. The wall to your right is straight and as you get to the bottom of the steps there is a cut out arch in that very high wall but the arch is only about a foot and a half above the water. Just enough to swim under. That leads you to a rectangular area in which there is a button operated set of jets, an on demand waterfall and a small thin window that lets you see out to reception ad lets in the only natural leight into this stone vault. In the pool the window is normal height but in reception it is almost floor level and unobtrustive. If you swim back out under the arch so the steps are to your left the room is thens shaped as a curved corridor sweeping round to the right to an oval area behind the steps - think tadople shaped. The tail of the tadpole is the corridor you swim down - wall to wall water and the only lights are green underwater lights so it is like a cave. In the oval room are verticle jacuzzi jets set in plates on the floor. Every time you move past the steps from one area to the other you catch a glimpse of burning church candles out to the reception area. It was all somewhere between womb like and surreal but very relaxing. Then there was the sauna and steam rooms - nude areas. And no I didn't. Interestingly no women I saw did go without costumes, but lots of men did. Go read into that what you will!


Working Mum said...

Wow! Can't believe I had seven of your posts to catch up on!

Kitchen is looking fab! Although, as the owner of granite worktops myself, I have to say it's the best investment for a serious cook and baker (for many reasons I won't go into) and no, you can't scratch it, it's indestructable! Something to do with being an igneous rock or something, my husband, the geographer, would know why.

Munich looks lovely. Cold, but lovely.

In our house I'm the light packer, it's hubby who takes tons of stuff. I guess I'm thinking of the washing and ironing when I get home. (He does his own before you say anything!)

I think that's it. Stop posting!!!

JB said...

I like the collage photos. Nice, compact and very colorful.

Diane said...

Your photo collages are wonderful and give a great sense of place and scene.

Your being in Munich in gray, snowy weather seemed a perfect fit for seeing Dachau. I'm sure it's grim in any weather, but the starkness seemed especially beautiful. Do I see the seed of a quilt in that collage?

The holiday collage is a gorgeous one, too, and a reassuringly cheerful contrast to Dachau.