Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl maths 3

Daine wanted to know my response to Terry's question in her comment on my Girl maths posts. Basically - how does Girl Maths help her get an affordable ipad?

This is the response I emailed direct to Terry:

"Ok it works like this:

"Ipads here cost £429.

"Running across the road is free. But if you run across the road you might get hit by a car. In fact you surely will if you choose a freeway. Which will result in serious injuries and will cost you a small fortune in your mysterious USA insurance co-payments and medication obtained by stealth from Canada.

"So I advise you not to run out into a freeway and you thus save enough to buy an ipad.


"If you need extra money to buy kindle books for it advise all the people who would have brought you flowers in the hospital that they should buy amazon gift vouchers instead. But only for half the cost since it is nice to share."


Terry said...

Just imagine what I can buy if I don't run into the freeway once a week all next year!

Lisa said...

Hahahaha! I love this. A few of my kids have tried to use this math logic on me once they take health class in school . . . . "Mom, because I don't smoke I save (insert dollar amount here) weekly. Not to mention I save (insert another amount here) in medical copay's and deductibles therefore I am saving you enough money to buy me (insert wanted object here)." haha I then usually turn it around and remind them that they are the one saving the money by not smoking because I don't buy my children cigarettes!

Working Mum said...

I am loving the girl maths! Did I miss this lesson at school?