Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girl maths Part 2

This post will make no sense until you read Girl Maths Part One but for those of you who have, could I just apologise - I have made some basic errors in my previous calculations.

Dennis says I can 'magic money'. Since I posted I started to wrap Christmas presents and realised that I had, in error, ordered two of an item from Amazon. The money I get back when I return it less postage? £11.28. So now I am only pence short. And that was when I suddenly realised.

 I made a very, very small income from quilting this year. Tiny. But still taxable as self -employed income. Which means I can tax deduct the machine as a cost of my business and set the cost off against not only my quilting income but my other taxable income, which reduces the cost by £199. Before its starts paying for itself.

Oh and I have now found a shop selling it for the same price but with a special offer kit with free feet and extension table (which I always use on my existing machine). £99 worth of stuff for free. And free next day delivery still guaranteed to my area despite weather.

And I paid with my cash back credit card which gives me 1% of the price back.

Forget the coalition. Vote me for Prime Minister. I'll get rid of the deficit  in no time.


RobynK said...

Darling Helen

You could take over the Ministry of Finance in New Zealand and we would be 'saved'.
Now what can you do about the international price of cotton?lol
I hope you and Dennis have a productive and peacefull Christmas.

Robyn Kirk
New Zealand

Terry said...

Excellent! Please advise as to how to show a profit by buying oneself an iPad for Christmas. After reading your posts I am beginning to think this may be viable after all!

Kristin L said...

Oooh, a sewing machine for every house, and an OK to buy fabric merely because it exists! I'll vote for you for sure.

Anonymous said...


Which means my new cutting mat now under the Chriatmas tree will pay for itself even if Ileave it wrapped up.

Thank you .... and have a merry and fun Christmas.

Judy B

Diane said...

Excellent plan and I suppose you will know that I was keeping up with your Girl Maths without difficulty.

But the Ipad question Terry poses is challenging me. Could you please get to work on that?

Yay. Let me know when you have the new machine so I can skype you and see it in person. I mean, in Internet Person.

Rachel said...

Finance Ministers all over the world need to watch their backs! Incidentally - it's not really Girl Maths. I've heard men making the same calculations...