Monday, January 04, 2010

Female mathematics

It was with some regret we left Port Stewart Lodge and its private beach ladies bay this morning - it was a very sucessful 'hangout at home' weekend break within a holiday. However, when we got to the Henry Jones Art hotel back in Hobart we found that they had upgraded us and given us the harbour view we decided not to pay for, deeming that as all the rooms had these original features from the old jam factory, and we were only overnighting we could walk outside to see the yachts.
Which means that the extra dollars for the view of boats I saved can now go against the aboriginal fabric I stumbled accross in one street historic town Richmon en route.

And, even better the FQ's were $6 each but you got 4 for $22 so it was cheaper to buy 12 than 8.
Dennis would say hello but he is sitting in a corner scratching his head and counting on his fingers trying to work all that out.


June Calender said...

After years of saying to my friend in Melbourne, "I'll come visit some day," and not doing it, I think all the gorgeous Aboriginal fabric you're finding might be the tipping point in my resolve to finally visit the lands down under. Your whole trip is a delight to read about and the fabrics are fantastic. Lucky you.

Gerrie said...

I am in love with all the fabrics you are gathering on your travels!!

Judy said...

Hi! Helen,

What yummy fabrics to buy on hols.