Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hobart fabric shops

My auntie Diana proved a willing conspirator in dumping the men in coffee shops and visiting the Hobart quilteries. There are three right in the city centre the Quilted Crow and The needlewoman (both neat but too countrified for my tastes) and the Possum patch which is behind a sewing machine shop and is, frankly, a mess. Al rather diasppointing considering how hot is was trailing around the streets to find them
The day was saved however, by the discovery of the lovely Frangipani Fabrics just 5 mins out of the city in Sandy Bay. This is a bright, cheery and welcoming shop. It stocks a range of batiks, the Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset type ranges and aboriginal designs as well as other stuff.

Diana succumbed to an Amy Bulter bag pattern and fabric and you can guess to which shelf I headed.... in my defence - FQ's only this time not the usual half meters because one of our hand luggage bags is now feeling rather overweight and all it has in it is my Australasian fabrics! But do not feel too sorry for me - the fabric is extra wide after all!

If you like these fabrics Frangipani will mail order them to you!

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