Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miyajima island

A twenty-five minute train ride and a ten minute ferry takes you from Hiroshima to Miyajima island, home to the much photographed Tori gate leading to the large shrine. When you get off the ferry there are signs telling you that the deer on the island are tame. At first we though the deer would be up on the hillside walking trails. Oh no. These are tame-tame deer! They mingle and like to eat paper -we saw a couple munching on tourist maps!

The area around the shrine is very busy and there are streets of souvenir and sweet shops. but, if you are prepared to wait for a gap in the crowds and to snap quickly, you can get a sense of serenity.

The island's highest peak is Mount Misen at 500 meters (1800 feet) and you can get most of the way my 'ropeway' which is actually two cable car systems. This is the first one.

The January cold weather was creating a haze but despite the bad photos I think you can see that the view is fantastic.

And even better - at the top: monkeys! Dennis was so excited - he said he had read that there was a reserve and he hoped he might get to see one, "even just a quick glimpse from a distance." But when we got there... monkeys everywhere!!

And I confess - I liked them too!

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