Friday, January 08, 2010

Tokyo day one

We arrived at Narita airport at 6am, jumped on the exceedingly efficient Airport Limosine bus, whose staff deposited us - with much bowing and white glove wearing at the Hilton Shinjuku. There staff got our effusive gratitude by letting us check into or room some 7 hours early. We promptly put pur Qantas PJ's back on crawled back into bed and topped up the 6 hours sleep I got on the plane. Somehow it got to be mid afternoon before we got out but it was such a good idea to do that!

We went to the Imperial palace Plaza where you get a tiny sneak view over the bridge at the out of bounds palace and then went to Ginza where the 10 degree temperature and the lights felt far more Christmassy than did Australia on 25th Dec

A quick bite to eat and then back into those Qantas PJ's.... flat beds on planes are wonderful - 6 hours sleep is the difference between feeling like death and being a little tired, but 6 hours sleep is not enough to offset the time difference and the general demands of travel.

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Feather on a Wire said...

Looks wonderful. I think that shop with the giant Clearance Sale sign has my name on it.
You definitely have mastered the art of civilised travel.
Sally in a very cold Hampshire