Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shock yourself thin

I may have stumbled on a new diet technique. Do you remember how my inner spoiled princess was planning to stay in the apartment at Ariki Lodge is Rotorua New Zealand, in November. mostly because their website said you could get a Floatplane to collect you from the beach at the bottom of the garden?
It is now time to book activities and so we reserved this tour and were asked to comply with the legal requirement for small planes to inform them of our combined weight. So I did, using the stones we in the UK use for people's weight.

Well, I was sprawled on the sofa last night, watching TV, blog browsing and contemplating eating a small piece of Millionaires shortbread I got free on the train. You know how much better free food tastes. I knew I wasn't hungry but that stuff - its all sweet and sticky and crunchy....A diplomatic email arrived from Volcanic Air. They have a per seat limit of 136 kilo. If either of us was approaching that could we please tell them.
What? I might already be too fat to fly in a floatplane? That is disgusting. I need never to eat again. Never mind shortbread. Water and water for me for a week or nine. I sit up straight and use an online converter to translate kilo's to stones. the limit is over 21 stone. I could carry on board a small factory's output of Millionaires Shortbread and I would not weigh that. Why does she think I might?
I check my original email. I told her our combined weight was 38.5 stones. It is in fact 26. (And no I am not telling you the apportionment between us. I had to email back and confess that my brain was so starved of the essential minerals that come with soft toffee that I could not add two figures together. Her reply email laughed all the way across the nations back to me. Aparatently we are well belwo average weights.
But I still did not eat the shortbread. Just in case.
PS Did I tell you I am getting collected on a floatplane from the bottom of my garden.....? (Canadian readers for whom this is like getting a bus please do not comment - Inner Princess can get nasty when her excitement is dinted).


Quilt Pixie said...

maybe you could try water skiing behind it? :-) hehehe

Kristin L said...

Your inner princess is getting excited about this trip, isn't she!? :-)

Kay said...

My husband and son were too heavy to ride mules in the Grand Canyon. Mules are obviously weaker than float planes. Good thing, I guess.

Helen said...

"Ah, Millionaire's Shortbread" she said, wistfully.