Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bonus blog

I thought that I had missed my opportunity to post before I left for a three night trip to London. But look! Free wifi on the train. I need not go cold turkey from the Internet after all.

Of course I have no camera with me so I cannot show you the disgracefully large pile of empty packets of sour cream and onion pretzls sitting on our table. Well, they are free and delicious but Dennis has confiscated the rest before I make myself sick. As this train is one of those fast swaying ones it is likley that I shall make myself sick any way by using a laptop but look! Free wifi. Oh such a happy bunny I am. For I can send you a link for the pretzels. Surely it is for the dissemination of important information like this that the interweb ( as one of my recent clients called it) was invented.

Dennis has a fun few days planned. He is going to the Royal Opera House tonight to see Barber of Seville. I am going to stay in the hotel room and watch TV. He is going to watch cricket at the Oval, go to St.James Park and feed the squirrels, shop and the British Museum. I am going to teach for three days.

But stop! Before you begin to paint your placards in protest at my unfair situation I do get a half day off on Thursday. I shall be going to see Aboriginal art here, African Art here, having a cup of tea and cake here and buying some pretty Amercian magazines from this shop just next door. Later that evening we shall eat together here.

Meanwhile I am on a train in the middle of summer, with sheet rain running down the windows, and lightening all around. I can see about three feet into the fields at the side the weather is that bad ( its 4.30 pm) and the train is now going very, very, very slowly indeed. Nope. Has come to a standstill. I fear floods. But look! The wifi still works! And there is no reason to think reading blogs is going to make me sick at this speed. I might need some little snacky pretzels if we are going to be here a while though....

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Quilt Pixie said...

hope you've prepped the course for the right audience this time :-) so you can truly enjoy your afternoon off :-)