Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On Sunday I went to take down the exhibition we had to do of our City and Guilds Certificate in Patchwork and Quilting pieces. The external verifier had seen them and that marked the completion of the course.
And what a damp squib it was. My tutor was in the room but never even acknowledged me as I went in and out. Dennis was with me,because we were on our way to Cedar Farm and read the letter left on the table which basically said - you've passed now give us £22.50 for a certificate saying you have passed - but he never commented on the ending of the course.

At Cedar Farm I sat there with my blueberry cheescake muffin saying rather pointedly 'Congratulations to me I passed my course' and got a smile and a 'Yes' and not much more. Oh well, it was only a little certificate.
Later that day Dennis said, "So when do you get your results?"
Huh? " I got them.You read the letter - I passed!"
He looked confused. (How many times have I written that line in this blog?!)
"Yes but when do you get your marks or the examiner comments or something?"
"I don't. That's it"
Pause. Confusion turns to shock. "They could have made a bit of a thing about it then. I would have done but I thought there was something else to come."

Quite. I mean I don't need a party but a handshake or a verbal congratulations, or even a 'goodbye and thanks for paying us for three years', would have been nice.
It is also symptomatic of the quality of the provider I was with that when I went to pay for the certificate I was told that I was not in their records! ( The records being a file with scrappy bits of paper in. I was told that to record the fact I had paid for the certificate I should write my name on the sign up sheet for the diploma.). As you know I have moved elsewhere to do my embroidery certificate and am much happier with them.
Anyway - as you can see the Courthouse steps quilt is done. I took your advice to use blue thread and it worked a treat. It is called 'Evidence of things not yet seen', from the quote from Hebrews Ch 11 and for reasons I will tell you if and when the things not yet seen ever become seen! It is hanging over our stairs at present.


Quilt Pixie said...

congratulations. Sorry you had a mentor with so few people skills, but know you have accomplished something of quality, and I trust learned at least a few quilting bits along with the human relation bits :-)

Kristin L said...

That is rather anti-climactic isn't it? Some sort of summary would have been constructive. A handshake certainly couldn't have hurt!

Anonymous said...

shame on them. I bet Dennis went home, made you a cuppa and cooked tea while you put your feet up, then sang you a congratulatory song with a cake (low cal so you can both fit in that plane, of course) and candle, and made a complete fuss of you after that let down. if he didnt ...(im typing this one handed while i shake my fist at the screen) well he should jolly well do it tonight. or else.

Vicki W said...

That's just not right! I'm glad you have moved on for the rest of your course.

Kay said...

The only appropriate response to this is one I never use: That sucks! What a shame. It's not only bad for you, but bad for them. Surely a little marketing would help attract students who will continue to pay.

The quilt is lovely though.

Margeeth said...

Well, duh, that is kind of a let down.
That quilt is stunning, never knew you could do that with a court house steps.

Jennifer said...

Well hearty congratulations indeed, and the quilt is utterly gorgeous. Sometimes we just need to make our own party, eh?

Anonymous said...

Have just finished my own City and Guilds, with a different provider, and the lack of comment is down to C and G. At one time students were graded but nowadays we either pass or get referred - that's it!

Having said that, our tutor made a huge congratulatory sign and gave us all bubbly after the verifier had passed our work.

Shasta said...

Congratulations on your course! And on completing the beautiful quilt. You have a fabulous way of putting just the right fabrics together.