Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Felt samples

Ok, you asked for them - you get them. Here are all my samples from Wingham Work.. oh and my new stash of wool tops. This CD rack which slots on my Ikea bookshelves -come-cupboards was sitting empty due to my pathetically small CD collection. But look how pretty and useful now :)
I took luggage lables with me to record what the samples were ( Lesley said it was the City and Guilds showing through!) Only I forgot the sellotape so I nipped to the village shop. The only sticky stuff they had were plasters - but they do the job!In no order whatsoever here are the samples. All bar one are on on dissolvable fabric so they can be wet felted later.

Rainbow merino wools laid down horizontally then in swirls on top.
Herdwick wool - course and hairy!

Two samples made with carded bats and in the case of the top one a bit of rainbow blend merino.

A background of merino wools with a little white and turquoise silk throwsters waste on top.

Merino wool and silk rainbow blend base with more merino rainbow on top in a grid. This was actually my first attempt.

Merino blend.

Silk throwsters waste. Its all about texture! This would not wet felt all by itself but its fine needlepunched and could be used with merino wool.

Same applies to bamboo. Its hard to see from the photos but there is a sutble difference in texture between these neutral fabrics and of course they can be dyed.

This one is soy fibre. All these three white ones are beautifully soft. I am going to try a cushion based on patchwork pices of various neutrals.

Blue Faced Leicester Oatmeal english wool with a bit of bamboo incorporated. The real colour is a bit nore grey-brown.

Shetland humbug wool with merino rainbow blend circles. The humbug wool is a mix of whites to browns like the sweets

More blue fasced leicester oatmeal with merino wool spots

Some Manx sheep ( I forgot to note the names - the wool is a much warmer brown than the oatmeal) with strips of merino wool. This was probably my favourite english wool and I tried to buy a 200g bag of it but when I got home- no bag. I think I must have dropped it in one of the sheds when I was weighing other stuff and had several in my arms. Rats! Now I have to pay postage to get more.

Herwick with silk nepps ( didn't like using those they are like bacon bits crumbled up - get everywhere!)

Now are you fed up? that will teach you to ask for sample photos!!


Vicki W said...

VERY cool! The wool looks much better than a cabinet full of CDs.

Di said...

What beautiful samples - and much better use for a CD cabinet!

FELT 4U said...

Lovely samples. Question: Why and when do you use disolvable fabric. I have often wodered about it, so maybe you can throw some light on the suject forme.