Friday, July 31, 2009

Playcation starts today!

Hip Hip Hooorah! My playcation has started!

Given that we are going on a little, tiny trip in November (ahem) we decided not to have a traditional summer holiday this year. So instead I am having this next week at home and then working a week then having a week off for Festival of Quilts. This week has been dedicated as my playcation.

If I were in Tunisia for a week I would be lying around reading and relaxing until I got bored. then I'd be trying to find some activities to do or an airconditioned place to handpiece, and in the evening I'd be going out to eat. So I am going to replicate that without the sand and sunburn. So I intend to catch up on reading - starting with this coffee table book ( the first chapters of which have me itching to go and piece!)

then I shall play with some new equipment and techniques, including cracking open this new kit.

a few local restaurants will get some custom out of us and I hope to be having fun.

Oh and don't forget that on the 1st August (Californian time) will be the grand reveal of the Twelve By Twelve Passion quilts. Here is a sneak preview of mine.

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Di said...

We had a Staycation this summer. We had our 'little' trip to HK in January. We visited our grandson and DIL in Ripon last week and visited some beautiful parts of Yorkshire. We had a stay at home week, this week and visited Leamington Spa which was lovely,(never been there before) and then went to Wild Britain with daughter and grandaughters yesterday. Best of all we got up when we woke up, lazy breakfasts and watched films til midnight or after (not having to worry about work the next day). Absolutely brilliant. Raining again today so going to just potter around the house.

Am going to FOQ on the Friday. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee?