Sunday, July 05, 2009

Colours of Africa Challenge

Regular readers will know about my passion for South Africa and my love of the children there. You may be interested in participating in this challenge to assist in raising funds to build a nursery in South Africa, based on the theme of Rainbow. All it requires is a A4 textile piece made December 09 so it is not too onerous. (A4 is roughly equivalent to US letter size).
Although South Africa can provide a luxury holiday destination many of its children still live in poverty. We spent some time staying in the townships outside of Cape Town and met this little boy whose name we never discovered. We call him Joe Slovo boy after the name of the township in which he lived. He was fascinated with the camera and we let him take this photo of his local shop.

This challenge will benefit another area in the Cape and will help to raise funds to move the Chris Hani Creche from a shack like this to a solid building. Please do participate of you can do so. further details are at the link above.

If you make a piece please email me a picture and I will put together a gallery post.


Anonymous said...

cool, im taking part and will link to this, too to spread the word. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, thank you so much for posting about the Colours of Africa event. It is going to be a super happening and we hope to raise lots of money for the Chris Hani creche! Meanwhile the exhibition side is also coming together in a big way. We now have 2 international artists taking part : Yda Walt from South Africa and Dijanne Cevaal from Australia. Looking forward to getting entries from around the world.

Kay said...

Thanks. I will definitely do this. Since we went to South Africa four years ago, I try to take any opportunity to buy township crafts or anything else that claims to help people there.

Margeeth said...

This challenge is great, I hope they will raise a lot of money.
I already made my A4, its on: