Saturday, March 29, 2008

As bad as each other...

For all I hanker after a huge purpose built studio, the reality is that if need be I can manage to work in a small space. ( Of course storing stash is another matter....!)

In the flat we rent for holidays in Bath I set up my machine on a tiny drop leaf table ( with one leaf still dropped) in this galley kitchen. Blocks are laid out on the lounge floor next door or on the bed. The cutting board fits in between sink and hob and the tight fit of the ironing board actually makes it quite ergonomic. The ceramic hob is smooth so can be used as a table area. The proximity of Dennis' holiday treat of Frosties breakfast cereal makes for a good handful of sugary snack when energy levels dip. I put the MP3 on and skid up and down happily in stockinged feet on the lino floor singing along and making beautiful things with batik.
This I was doing one night - fortunately without the Mp3 on - when I heard a kind of fizzing, spitting sound. At the time was ironing with a a non steam iron so I was a bit bemused. Until, that is I turned round to find that I had accidentally knocked the controls of the hob and my Creative Grids ruler was cooking. I didn't bring it home but I can report that it bubbled and warped quite prettily. I can also report that from thereon Dennis set a rule that the hob was to be turned off at the fuse switch unless we were actually cooking!
Mind you he cannot call me for being daft. On our way to the supermarket tonight I was leafing through a cookbook.
"Lets try somthing new, " I said. "How about mango mousse?"
Dennis looked at me extremely doubtfully. I sighed. "You like mangos. Why not?"
He thought some more. "What kind of mousse?"
"Mango. I said already."
More thought.
"For pudding?"
Sigh. "Yes."
He smiled. "Ah. I thought you meant Mango Moose. With horns. I thought that you would have to order it vacuum packed by airmail and it was going to cost a fortune."


floribunda said...

you & Dennis sound a lot like me & Al -- scary! You'll have to let us all know how the mousse came out. I'm not a big fan of mangoes but I do love the mousse at our favorite Indian restaurant. (do you know the famous old book by M.F.K. Fisher - "How to Cook a Wolf"? maybe you could adapt some of her recipes...)

Lisa Walton said...

What an amazing space that you can still manage to be creative in. I have three rooms now (thank goodness the children left home) and I still struggle to get organised.

Threadspider said...

Mango moose-sounds like a cartoon character. I'm still smiling at this conversation-it's a bit like some of ours!
Seems like you enjoyed your trip to Bath and were very productive.