Friday, March 14, 2008

And so.. to Bath

Tomorrow we go to Bath for the Easter fortnight. The machine and two baskets of quilting stuff are all packed. I need not worry if I do not have enough as I have three quilt shops, two bead shops, a haberdashery market stall and a general fabric shop to play in. Oh and an independent stationers and an art shop, both of which I am expecting will yield up some good sketchbooks and journals.
I am going to a class on Somerset Patchwork and will get a day in the Midsomer quilting shop to work on my Rositha's World Quilt. Plus, we get to go to this exhibition of stuff by Kaffe Fasset and others as many times as I like next week (See those shoes!!!)
I have already seen this quilt exhibition ( scroll down the page a bit) ,in fact I am in it, but if I am passing I might just fnd that the car turns left at that point because there is always somthing new to see. Ok, because I am addicted and cannot walk past.
Lest you think I am being selfish and mean to Dennis on our holidays, he gets to go and see Bath v London Irish ( Rugby Union) , a concert at the Abbey and to go to London for a trip to the Royal Opera House. Although his train gets him back at 1.20 am so when he wakes me up there is a chance that I might be mean to him for a little while!
There will also be good food, including at this tiny but delicious vegetarian restaurant - the kind where you don't even notice that there is no meat. And I imagine some of these too

I might blog while I am there. I might not. Who knows!!


Threadspider said...

Well-enjoy your visit to "my" city-you have highlighted all my favourite bits too and I might even see you at the museum.!
There were some good journals in the art shop when I was there today and Country Threads has a fabulous collection of fabric at the moment.
Enjoy your visit!
oh yes-The Blue and White exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery is well worth a trip too.

Jennifer said...

I'd really love to see bath someday. Please take and post lots of pictures, and have a wonderful time....

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Garnered Stitches said...

Hope you are enjoying Bath and will be returning with lots of blogposts, as I'm sure I speak for a number of blogreaders when I say I'm missing reading you!
Best wishes