Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On the trail of the cheese thief

Regular readers may remember the mystery of the cheese that went missing from our fridge. We have still not found it ( after this time do not want to) but, being the daughter of a detective, I find it hard to let go. So today, our cold cases department got a break through. We now strongly suspect that the cheese was taken by a one legged goblin with a very cold foot.

Today, I took all the drying washing off the maidens and added it to previoulsy dried clothing waiting for ironing in the laundry basket. I spent the entire duration of Grand Desoigns pairing socks. I then checked all the sock drawers for lonely ones. there are no more socks anywhere in the house..... yet these are all the odd ones from the laundry basket
Who is stealing ny stuff???


Quilt Pixie said...

must have a pixie infestation...

Vicki W said...

SouthPark has an episode about the underwear gnomes. They stole underwear from children's dressers and took them to a big underground gnome cave. Maybe in the UK there are sock and cheese gnomes.