Monday, March 10, 2008

Excess and scraps

First the excess...I arrived home to find that my husband's latest book order had been delivered.

Now, I have no problem with him buying this teetering pile of novels becuase (a) it's his cash (b) they are a collector's set so it makes sense to buy all at once (c) he deserves them (d) he is never, ever, ever going to be able to comment adversely on bulk fabric purchases. Ever. (To be fair - he has never complained about my quilting shopping but this is great insurance for the future!)

Then the scraps.....A while ago I decided that instead of accumulating all my scraps, it would be fun if immediately after every formal quilt I made I let loose with the scraps and did an improvisational one to match. Here is the start of the scrap quilt to match Rositha's World - entitled Going with the Flow.

I am often asked how I get time to make so many quilts This one is a good illustration.

Original plans for Sunday evening:
6-7pm Watch Ski Sunday
7-8pm cook dinner and eat it,
8-9 Watch Lark Rise to Candleford
9-11 half watch Lewis whilst flicking through the hat book I bought at the fair.
Revised plan:
6-7 Have Ski Sunday on in lounge with door to the sewing room open so I can hear the best bit ( i.e theme music) and start scrap quilt. Get Dennis to cook a basic main course and eat it when the second best bit is on (the spectaular falls down the mountain).
7-8 Full on quilting time. Delay the bath.
8-9.15 Record Larkrise and keep quilting.
9.15 - 9.30 run bath and tidy up sewing room so the floor is at least visible. Take these photos.
9.30 - 10. Have bath. Eat dessert, drink tea and read book in the bath.
10 - 11 Watch Larkrise in bed on DVD.
This is it with possible surrounding fabrics ... I'd like it to be snuggle sized at least but maybe it wants to be little? ( Its 26 v 30 at the moment).


floribunda said...

I love the way the books come individually wrapped in brown paper! It makes them seem very special...

Your leftovers quilt idea is quite interesting. I might have to try something like that. The current one is looking great!

Garnered Stitches said...

Your Dennis didn't get one of my quilt books I ordered from Amazon last week, did he? I must email them to complain...
Best Wishes

ROZ said...

I like the freedom in the quilt.